Why Can’T I Click In Boxes On Blackboard

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1. FAQ: Why Can’t I Paste Text Into a Blackboard Text Box?


FAQ: Why Can't I Paste Text Into a Blackboard Text Box?

When you right click with your mouse to paste text into the Blackboard content editor, nothing happens or you receive the following message: User-added image

2. Blackboard Known Issues | Blackboard Help


A workaround is to click on any tab other than My Blackboard, Course Search for … Upload to a folder in course file repository fails; Instructor can’t upload file, gets an … When accessing a page that includes a visual text box editor (creating …

3. Blackboard Common Problems and Solutions


Blackboard. Common Problems and Solutions. Problem: 1. I can’t open my course. 2. I am clicking on my course and it won’t take me to the actual thing I need to do. 3. … There is no content or test information in the boxes for the course. 8.

4. Why can’t I open an external link in a Blackboard course site …


For Windows or Mac with two button mouse users – right click the mouse button and select “Open in new window” from the popup box. For Mac with one button …

5. Button Missing in Blackboard – Answers – Answers – Syracuse …


Choose the type of Button you want to create. Enter a name and click the Available to Users check box, then hit Submit. You can move the button …

6. Common Browser Issues – Blackboard Student Support

Common Browser Issues

For Internet Explorer users, do not select the Preserve Favorites website data check box if you have the UALR Blackboard website saved as a Favorite on your …

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7. Troubleshooting – Help Desk: Blackboard Class Sites


Work-around is to use the box at upper right of screen that has two arrows. When clicked it shows a list of the items on the page. Select an item, then click up or …

8. Edit and Manage Content | Blackboard Help


You can’t copy or move a content area into another content area or set release criteria. Be sure … In the Reorder: Content box, select an item in the list. Use the …

9. Resource Center – Common Blackboard Problems and Their …


I can’t see the horizontal scroll bar in the Grade Center anymore. … name and then, in the Text box, look in the third row of the toolbar, and click …

10. Faculty Blackboard LEARN FAQ – Office of Information …

Faculty Blackboard LEARN FAQ

If you can’t click on the link to the file in the Feedback box, this is …

11. Known Issues with Blackboard – Confluence Mobile – UMBC


Related article: Updates & Fixes to Known Issues in Blackboard … When using a select box, such as those in notification settings, courses with long names will have the ending cut off, … Why can’t I see the sidebar for my course in Blackboard?

12. General Blackboard Qs – My AUM


Do not select Cancel or close the dialog box. I can’t find the syllabus, tests, or discussions in the course? Where are they? It could be the course menu is …


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