Portal Vein Aneurysm

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1. Portal vein aneurysm: What to know – Digestive and Liver …


Portal vein aneurysm: What to know - Digestive and Liver ...

2. Portal vein aneurysm: What to know – ScienceDirect


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3. Portal venous varix | Radiology Reference Article …


A portal venous varix refers to a segments of aneurysmal / variceal dilatation of the portal vein are extremely rare and represent only 3% of all aneurysms of the …

4. Portal Vein Aneurysm – NCBI – NIH


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5. Portal vein aneurysm: when to operate? – EJVES Vascular …


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6. Portal Venous System Aneurysms: Imaging, Clinical Findings …


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7. Massive Asymptomatic Extrahepatic Portal Vein Aneurysm


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8. Giant extra-hepatic thrombosed portal vein aneurysm: a case …


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9. Current management of visceral venous aneurysms – Servier …

Current management of visceral venous aneurysms

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10. Portal vein aneurysm – SciELO


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11. Intrahepatic portal vein aneurysm in an asymptomatic patient …


Portal vein aneurysm is a focal dilatation of the portal venous system. It can be in a fusiform or saccular configuration. Portal vein aneurysm is a very rare but an …

12. Rare case of a venous aneurysm | Eurorad


A. Aneurysms of the portal venous system (PVA) are extremely rare and represent only 3% of all venous aneurysms [1]. It was first described by …


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