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1. Rocket Turret – Combine OverWiki, the original Half-Life wiki …

Rocket Turret - Combine OverWiki, the original Half-Life wiki ...

2. Turrets – Portal Wiki


Uploaded by p2wiki

3. Rocket Sentry | Half-Life Wiki | Fandom


The rocket sentry originally had a successor in Portal 2, named the Hover Turret. In the game’s files, there are leftovers of the rocket sentry’s personality core …

4. npc_rocket_turret – Valve Developer Community


It spawns an Aperture Science Rocket Turret. Note:In Portal 2, rocket turrets need to be sent a SetTarget input every time before they are turned …

5. Test Chamber 19 – Continued, Part 3 – Portal Walkthrough


Get the rocket turret to see you through the portal such that it shoots through and breaks the glass that bars your way. Once you’re through, you …

6. Rocket turret | Wiki | Portal Amino – Amino Apps


The Rocket Turret is a unique enemy seen at the end of Portal. It appears as a rawpersonality core o.

7. Rocket turret | Wiki | Portal Amino – Amino Apps


Unlike Sentry turrets, it cannot be disabled or destroyed by the player. It plays a vital role in the battle with GLaDOS, as rockets need to be sent through portals in …

8. fixed Rocket Turret – Forum – Thinking With Portals


Maybe you missed the Portal 1 rocket turrets, discovered them in your game but saw “Oh, they are bugged!”.In this pack, there are the models, …

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9. Lego Portal – Rocket Turret V2 : 3 Steps – Instructables


Lego Portal – Rocket Turret V2: The rocket turret is back, and it’s better and more accurate than ever!Here are the notable changes from my first attempt of the …

10. Anyway to get the Rocket Turret from Portal 1 working in Portal …

Anyway to get the Rocket Turret from Portal 1 working in Portal 2? from Portal

Hey everyone, wondering if someone’s managed a fix for the rocket turret in Portal 1 for Portal 2. According to the Valve Developer Wiki, the turret …

11. Portal/Escape 01 — StrategyWiki, the video game …


Rocket turret[edit]. Redirecting a rocket to a window. You are back in the observation area, with an …

12. SCHWACK ~ Portal ~ Rocket Turret – Second Life Marketplace


100% Mesh Product by: S C H W A C K ╔════════════════════════════╗ Portal | Rocket Turret ○100% High Detail Mesh …


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