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1. Portal:Physics – Wikipedia


Portal:Physics - Wikipedia

The Physics Portal … Physics is one of the most fundamental scientific disciplines, and its main goal is to understand how the universe behaves. Physics is one …

2. Opening Strange Portals in Physics | Science | Smithsonian …


Opening Strange Portals in Physics. Physicist Lisa Randall explores the mind-stretching realms that new experiments soon may expose.

3. The Physics of Portal – Twenty Sided – Shamus Young

The Physics of Portal

I have rigorously adhered to the laws of physics my entire life, and I’m not about to change that over some sexy new portal technology. Let’s see …

4. In Portal, Violating Physics Proves Weirdly Satisfying | WIRED


Pretty much everyone who plays Portal, the new space-bending videogame, immediately tries a little physics experiment. In Portal, you control …

5. The true science behind physics in Portal and Portal 2 : Games

The true science behind physics in Portal and Portal 2 from Games

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6. Thinking with Portals — An Introduction to Valve’s Physics …

Thinking with Portals — An Introduction to Valve’s Physics Puzzler

Thinking with Portals — An Introduction to Valve’s Physics Puzzler. November brings with it the next Game of the Month: Portal. Valve’s 2007 release and its …

7. Theoretical Physicists Suggest There’s a Portal Linking The …


… physics to the hidden forces of our Universe: what if there’s a portal that bridges the gap between the standard model to dark matter and dark …

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8. Portal:Physics – Wikiversity


An acoustics model shows sound reflecting from an acoustic diffuser. Credit: Trevor Cox. This is the home page for the Physics Department of the …

9. Living Physics Portal


Living Physics Portal. Welcome to our community and collection of high-quality materials for. teaching physics to life sciences students at the college level. Now …

10. Teach physics with the popular video game Portal | ISTE


Portal’s puzzles provide excellent problem-based learning experiences for physics classrooms. For example, students can learn about …

11. A Portal to Physics: Conserving Laws – SideQuesting

A Portal to Physics: Conserving Laws

The wonderful thing about Portal is that even though the player is given several physics-defying tools, Valve tries very hard to make sure that the …

12. Teaching With Portals – LEARNing Landscapes


The author, a high school physics teacher, describes the process of teaching with the commercial video game Portal 2. He gives his story from inception, through …


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