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1. Lobules of liver – Wikipedia


Lobules of liver - Wikipedia

lobuli hepatis

2. What does Portal Lobule mean? Definition, meaning and sense


A triangular-shaped unit of hepatic tissue, containing portions of three adjacent hepatic lobules with the portal canal in the center. The portal canal is composed of the portal vein, hepatic artery, bile ductile, and lymph vessel. There is a central vein at the apex of each peripheral corner.

3. Portal lobule | definition of portal lobule by Medical dictionary


A small subunit of the liver composed of cells (hepatocytes) that process blood from an incoming portal venule and send the resulting blood to an outgoing hepatic …

4. Definition of Portal lobule of liver at Dictionary.com


n. A polygonal mass of liver tissue that at its center has a portal canal and at its periphery several central hepatic veins.

5. Liver histology: Structure, cells and characteristics | Kenhub


Portal lobule. While the classic lobule view focuses on the blood supply and hepatic mass arrangement, the portal lobule view underlines the exocrine function of …

6. The portal lobule in rat liver fibrosis: a re-evaluation of the liver …


We re-evaluated three schemes of liver organization: the classic lobule, the portal lobule, and Rappaport’s liver acinus. The lobular angioarchitecture of normal …

7. SIU SOM Histology GI


At the corners between adjacent lobules are the so-called portal areas (portal canals, portal triads). These are regions of connective tissue which …

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8. Hepatic Histology: The Lobule


At the vertices of the lobule are regularly distributed portal triads (also known as portal tracts). Examination of a triad in cross section should reveal a bile duct …

9. Hepatic Histology | Pathway Medicine


The portal lobule can be thought of as an equilateral triangle whose angles correspond to three adjacent terminal hepatic venules at the center of which lies a …

10. Liver Lobule – an overview | ScienceDirect Topics


Liver Lobule. Liver lobules are hexagonal and at each of six corners there is a portal triad of vessels consisting of a portal vein, hepatic artery, and bile …

11. Hepatic Pathology – WebPath


Click on the portal triad and then on the central vein in the section of liver below: Liver is divided histologically into lobules. The center of the lobule is the central …

12. Introduction—Morphology of the Liver Lobule


Portal tracts are bridged by narrow stripes of connective tissue which accompany terminal afferent arterial and venous branches running between the lobules to …


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