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1. Nether Portal Calculator – MaximumFX

Nether Portal Calculator - MaximumFX
Coordinate calculator: Overworld Nether portals. Overworld coords, Nether coords. X, Y, Z, X …

2. Minecraft Portal Calculator – MavenSpun


When you have played long enough to be at a stage where you are building nether portals you can use this quick calculator to find where to build your return gate …

3. Minecraft Portal Calculator – MavenSpun


The scale of the nether makes each step ~8 steps in the overworld. One trick though: You might need to pair your gates. That’s what this calculator is for.

4. Nether Portal Calculator v1.0 by D3Phoenix


(This is important if you care about having a smooth transition when you walk through a portal!). Enter the coordinates into the Overworld to Nether calculator …

5. Nether Portal Calculator : Minecraft – Reddit

Nether Portal Calculator from Minecraft

More results from www.reddit.com

6. Minecraft Portal Calculator – ProjectPine


Uploaded by xisumatwo

7. Minecraft Portal Calculation – MYMATHTABLES.COM


Use this calculator to determine where to place portals in the Overworld and Nether dimension to accurately appear at the proper coordinates.

8. Nether Portal Calculator for Minecraft


Use this calculator to see where you should put your nether portals in Minecraft. A Minecraft Nether Portal Calculator. The calculation behind the …

9. Portal Calculator — BadWolfMC: An Adult Minecraft Server


Portal Calculator · Don’t grief! Only use portals if neither side has been claimed! · Coordinate Calculator: Overworld Source to Nether Destination · Coordinate …

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10. Minecraft Portal Calculator – CodePen


Minecraft Portal Calculator · Overworld · Nether.

11. Minecraft Portal Calculator – CodePen

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Minecraft Portal Calculator

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12. Minecraft End Portal Finder – No Mods – Omni Calculator


Use two Eyes of Ender to triangulate the location of the nearest End Portal. Works for both Bedrock and Java editions.

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