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1. Portal 2 Secrets Guide | PC Gamer

Portal 2 Secrets Guide | PC Gamer
The Final Transmission. Known as ‘Rat Holes’ in the community, these are little areas behind the bright white walls of the test chambers. Rat Hole. Another rat hole can be found in Chapter 3 in Test Chamber 17. No Hard Feelings. Vitrified Doors. Ship Overboard. Portrait of a Lady. P-Body Sighting.

2. Portal 2’s Biggest Secrets – IGN


Portal 2’s Biggest Secrets. Hidden areas, Achievements and other stuff you may have missed your first time through Portal 2.

3. Guide :: All Portal Secrets (Hopefully) – Steam Community


How to find (hopefully) all the non-glitch secrets in Portal. (This description … Radio 2. The second radio is in the last room of this chamber.

4. How To Find Three Of Portal 2’s Best Secrets – Kotaku


Have you already finished Portal 2? If not, maybe you shouldn’t watch this video, which shows you how to dig up three of the game’s Easter …

5. Introduction – Easter Eggs | Portal 2 | Gamer Guides


View Full-sizeValve’s renowned for adding in well hidden secrets for players to find, and Portal 2 certainly isn’t any exception. From…

6. Portal 2 – Easter Egg Guide – PC – By jimmythesnowman …


For Portal 2 on the PC, Easter Egg Guide by jimmythesnowman. … http://www.gamesradar.com/f/portal-2-easter-egg-guide-30-secrets-and- …

7. The Secrets of Portal 2- Part 1 (Warning: Spoilers) – Giant Bomb


Portal 2 is a game awash with interesting secrets just waiting for the inquisitive fan to discover, and discover we have. I’ve compiled what I hope …

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8. 5 Delightfully Obscure Easter Eggs You Missed In Portal 2


Valve’s 2007 first person puzzle game Portal was a surprise hit for everyone. … Portal 2 exposed Portal as the prototype it was always meant to be, however, … 10 Video Game Pause Screen Secrets You Totally Missed.

9. Portal 2 Coop, Easter Egg. Warning Spoilers | AnandTech …


My friend and I found an easter egg on coop chapter 4 section 9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPwxDfh7sQg&feature=youtu.be&hd=1.

10. Half-Life connections? Easter Eggs? Hidden Chambers? Let’s …

Half-Life connections? Easter Eggs? Hidden Chambers? Let’s round up all the Portal 2 secrets! [MAJOR SPOILERS] from gaming

Let’s round up all the Portal 2 secrets! [MAJOR SPOILERS]. So what did you guys find in Portal 2 that the rest of us might not …

11. Portal 2 Secrets / Chapter 2 – Room 03/22 – The Lab Rat’s Song


Check out this Portal 2 walkthrough and find the Lab Rat’s song (Exile Vilify by The National) with this online demo.

12. Portal 2 Chapter 3 Test Chamber 16 – Portal Wiki


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