Portal 2 Level 1

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1. Portal 2 Co-op Course 1 Chamber 1 – Portal Wiki


Portal 2 Co-op Course 1 Chamber 1 - Portal Wiki

Contents · 1 Summary · 2 Contents 2.1 Mechanics 2.2 Hazards · 3 Walkthrough · 4 Video walkthrough · 5 Related achievements …

2. Portal 2 Chapter 1 Test Chamber 1 – Portal Wiki


This level takes place within a dilapidated Test Chamber, and allows the player to control the location of a Portal using a Switch. Activating and …

3. Portal 2 Co-op Course 2 Chamber 1 – Portal Wiki


This is the eighth level in Co-op mode of Portal 2 and the first chamber in the course. Players need to utilize their flinging techniques to …

4. Portal 2 Co-op Course 1 Chamber 6 – Portal Wiki


This is the seventh level in Co-op mode of Portal 2 and the sixth level in the course. This level takes place “behind the scenes” and doesn’t …

5. Portal 2 Co-op Course 1 Chamber 3 – Portal Wiki


This is the fourth level in Co-op mode of Portal 2 and the third chamber in the course. It introduces players to the use of the Thermal …

6. Guide :: Portal 2 Co-op Walkthrough – Steam Community


Portal 2 Co-op Walkthrough. By H3nry and 1 collaborators. Quick, easy-to-follow video tutorials for each separate level that you’ll come across …

7. Test Chamber 2 – Course 1 – Team Building | Portal 2


Player 1: Get your first portal up on the far left-hand corner (upper level). This’ll get you to the switch up here. Now place your second portal on the …

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8. Portal 2 coop levels : Portal – Reddit

Portal 2 coop levels from Portal

Can you play community levels on the Xbox? 1. Share. Report Save.

9. Portal 2 Walkthrough Chapter 1 – Port Forward


Portal 2 Walkthrough Chapter 1 … Enter the elevator at the end of the puzzle to go to the next level. This is now a given, and will not be explained again.

10. Portal 2 Walkthrough – GameSpot


Take the elevator down to the first level of testing. Floor 1. Because you still lack a portal gun, you will need to hit switches to turn on blue portals.

11. Portal 2 – Wikipedia


Portal 2 is a puzzle-platform game developed by Valve. It was released in April 2011 for … The initial tutorial levels guide the player through the general movement controls … On March 1, Valve released a patch for Portal that included a new …

12. List of Portal 2 Levels – Valve Developer Community


Act 1 (Chapter 1). sp_a1_intro1; sp_a1_intro2; sp_a1_intro3; sp_a1_intro4; sp_a1_intro5; sp_a1_intro6; sp_a1_intro7; sp_a1_wakeup. Act 2 …


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