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1. Aperture Science Extended Relaxation Annex | Half-Life Wiki …


Aperture Science Extended Relaxation Annex | Half-Life Wiki ...

Gallery. Human Vault Concept Art Portal 2.jpg. Concept art.

2. Characters – Portal Wiki


1 Humans; 2 Personality Constructs. 2.1 Cooperative Testing Initiative. 3 Cores. 3.1 Portal; 3.2 Portal 2. 4 Others. 4.1 Minor Personnel. 5 Scrapped Characters; 6 …

3. GLaDOS – Portal Wiki


On the 2011 Video Game Awards, Portal 2 had won the award for “Best Performance by a Human Female” for Ellen McLain’s role as GLaDOS.

4. Question about end of Portal 2 Coop (*spoilers*) : Portal – Reddit

Question about end of Portal 2 Coop (*spoilers*) from Portal

More results from www.reddit.com

5. List of Portal characters – Wikipedia


Portal (2007) (wall scribblings …‎

6. Portal 2 – Wikipedia


Single-player, ‎multiplayer‎

7. ‘Portal 2’ video reimagines GLaDOS and Wheatley as humans …


An animator has reimagined Portal 2’s robotic characters GLaDOS and Wheatley as cartoon humans, and released a short animated video on …

8. Human Turrets Portal2 | Turret, Human, Anime – Pinterest

Human Turrets Portal2 by Alekhi on DeviantArt. had a bit of fun with shades of white, and i came up with an improved design for the turret since my first draft …

9. Were there other test subjects alive in Portal? – Arqade


There is no proof that GLaDOS had other living test subjects during Portal’s … to specifically indicate that there weren’t any humans alive in the facility except … test subjects during Portal’s timeframe because they are present in Portal 2 co-op.

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10. Aperture Science Extended Relaxation Annex – Combine …


Usage. Era(s). Portal 2. Faction. Aperture Science. Game information. Map(s) … Extended Relaxation Annex, referred to by GLaDOS as the Human Vault, is a …

11. Chell– robot, cyborg, or human? :: Portal 2 General Discussions


I think portal 1 and 2’s main character Chell, is a andriod or cyborg, because of a few reaons. For one, she shows no emotion, remorse, or the …

12. Portal 2 – Human!Wheatley by LocalFandomTrashCan on …


So this is a design of Human! Wheatley that was inspired by other designs as well. Uh… very slight Portal 2 spoilers. Wheatley Pixel Icon


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