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1. How long is Portal 2? | HowLongToBeat

How long is Portal 2? | HowLongToBeat
Main Story 8½ Hours · Main + Extras 13½ Hours · Completionist 20½ Hours · All Styles 10 Hours.

2. How long is Portal 2: Peer Review DLC? | HowLongToBeat


Main Story · Main + Extras · Completionist · All Styles · 88% Rating · Moderate 2.06% Retirement · Based on 18 User Ratings.

3. How long is Portal 2 CO OP? | HowLongToBeat


How long is Portal 2 CO OP? HowLongToBeat has the answer. Create a backlog, submit your game times and compete with your friends!

4. How long did it take you to finish Portal 2? : gaming – Reddit

How long did it take you to finish Portal 2? from gaming

More results from www.reddit.com

5. How long to beat Portal 2 – TrueAchievements



6. A silent friendship: adventures in Portal 2’s co-op mode | Ars …


The single-player game can take six to 10 hours to play, and the co-op campaign is at least five hours long. This standalone campaign stars a duo …

7. How is co-op and how long is it? – Portal 2 – GameFAQs


To me, it’s absolutely necessary to play with a mic or some form of contact because a lot of the puzzles require communication….unless you and …

8. How long did it take you to finish portal 2 :: Portal 2 General …


12 hours the first playthrough I think, but I have played the game many times and obviosly it took less time than the first time! #2.

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9. How Long To Beat 2 How Long Is Portal 2? – Howlongtobeat.Com

How Long To Beat Portal 2

How Long To Beat Portal 2. H Portal. No image. 0/5 No votes. Report. Developer —- … If you are looking for how long to beat portal 2, check the results below : …

10. What order should I play the Half-life series in? – Arqade


Half Life 2 Episode 2. As for Portal — it does contain some side references to corporate entities in the Half Life universe, but as it is that’s more flavor than actual …

11. Time frame of playing Portal 2 | BoardGameGeek


I usually go to HLTB to find out estimates of game length. https://howlongtobeat.com/game.php?id=7231. The first time I played this I think it was …

12. Portal 2 – The Final Hours on Steam




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