Portal 2 Hidden Rooms

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1. Portal 2 Secrets Guide | PC Gamer

Portal 2 Secrets Guide | PC Gamer
It’s located up in the corner by the tilted wall panels, and by placing a portal in the right hand panel and a second in the wall to the left, you can be flung through into the secret room. You can also grab an achievement here – Final Transmission – by taking a radio into the rat hole with you.

2. Portal 2’s Biggest Secrets – IGN


Hidden areas, Achievements and other stuff you may have missed your first time through Portal 2. Samuel Claiborn By Samuel Claiborn. Updated …

3. How to unlock the achievements related to hidden areas in …


More results from gaming.stackexchange.com

4. Guide :: All Portal Secrets (Hopefully) – Steam Community


How to find (hopefully) all the non-glitch secrets in Portal. (This description … Radio 2. The second radio is in the last room of this chamber.

5. Portal 2 – Easter Egg Guide – PC – By jimmythesnowman …


For Portal 2 on the PC, Easter Egg Guide by jimmythesnowman. … An easter egg is a hidden little object or theme that game developers hide in the … The room contains a radio on the floor; the radio is actually playing “Exile …

6. Introduction – Easter Eggs | Portal 2 | Gamer Guides


… well hidden secrets for players to find, and Portal 2 certainly isn’t any … a turret tucked away behind a metal railing at the start of the room (on …

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7. The Secrets of Portal 2- Part 1 (Warning: Spoilers) – Giant Bomb


This suggests that some time in the future, Portal 2 DLC will be released which actually allows access to these vitrified test chambers.

8. Doug Rattmann – Portal Wiki


The hidden rooms are present in both Portal and Portal 2, and are known as the Ratman’s Dens. A total of 12 have been discovered, 5 in …

9. Chapter 3, 17/22 — secret room inside secret room? : Portal

Chapter 3, 17/22 — secret room inside secret room? from Portal

The subreddit for Portal and Portal 2. … I played the rest of the game rather slowly, always looking for more hidden areas. I was a little …

10. 5 Delightfully Obscure Easter Eggs You Missed In Portal 2


Portal 2 exposed Portal as the prototype it was always meant to be, … You’ll go back and attempt missions just to check hidden corners and …

11. Portal 2 Coop, Easter Egg. Warning Spoilers | AnandTech …


Easter eggs are hidden items put in by the developers. … door and continue on, but we cheat and use a portal to go back to the previous room.

12. Portal 2 – Wikipedia


Portal 2 is a puzzle-platform game developed by Valve. It was released in April 2011 for … Background on the ARG is embedded in additional SSTV images found in a hidden room in Portal 2. Valve’s Adam Foster came up with the idea for the …


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