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1. Portal 2 ending [Spoilers] : Portal – Reddit

Portal 2 ending [Spoilers] from Portal

Portal 2 ending [Spoilers] : Portal - Reddit
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2. Portal 2 storyline | Half-Life Wiki | Fandom


Portal 2: Peer Review At the end of Chamber 4 the deassembly machinery fails, forcing ATLAS and P-body to make a detour through an incomplete test track. GLaDOS admits that she has been lying and reverses her original claim of the humans being fine, revealing that she has already killed them all during testing.

3. Erik Wolpaw on Portal 2’s ending: “the [spoiler] is probably …


Needless to say, if you haven’t played Portal 2 to the end, this is spoiler PACKED. So don’t read any further until you’ve completed the thing.

4. Want You Gone – Portal Wiki


“Want You Gone” is the song that goes along with the ending credits of Portal 2. It is played after the player leaves Aperture Science and receives the Weighted …

5. Portal 2 – Wikipedia


Single-player, ‎multiplayer‎

6. What is Caroline’s fate at the end of Portal 2? – Arqade


GlaDOS is made up of a few different personalities (the personality spheres), and Caroline was probably one of the ones that was integrated closest to GlaDOS.

7. The Final Encounter – The Part Where He Kills You | Portal 2


Drop down and bounce up to catch the second corrupted core. The socket to place this core is on the right side of Wheatley, so use the blue gel in …

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8. Could you really have survived the end of Portal 2 …


“Could Chell really have survived her trip to the moon at the end of Portal 2?” Let’s review exactly what happens to our protagonist at the end of …

9. Co-op ending… wtf? (ULTRA SPOILERS) – Portal 2 – GameFAQs


For Portal 2 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled “Co-op ending… wtf? (ULTRA SPOILERS)”.

10. ‘Portal 2’ Writer Discusses Ending, ‘Half-Life’ Connections


After finally escaping the Aperture Science facility and the manipulative AI GLaDOS, the protagonist Chell rose up to catch a brief glimpse of the …

11. Portal 2 – Ending – video Dailymotion

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12. Portal 2 (Video Game 2011) – IMDb




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