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1. Portal 2 on Steam

Portal 2 on Steam

2. Cooperative Testing Initiative – Portal Wiki


The Cooperative Testing Initiative, or simply co-op, is a multi-player gamemode and campaign in Portal 2 whereby two players can join up and …

3. Portal 2 – Wikipedia


Joshua Weier

4. Portal 2’s Co-Op Was Perfect – Kotaku


Portal 2 is a high-stakes, first-person puzzle game. In its co-op mode, you and your partner are the robots Atlas and P-Body, equipped with guns …

5. Portal 2 storyline | Half-Life Wiki | Fandom


Portal 2 almost directly follows the events of Portal from Chell’s perspective, although being set more than 50,000 years after the events of Portal. The co-op …

6. ATLAS and P-body | Half-Life Wiki | Fandom


Portal 2 Co-op Campaign. Following Chell’s exile from Aperture Laboratories, GLaDOS begins testing on ATLAS and P-body. They are sent through a series of …

7. Review – Portal 2 Co-Op Review – Co-Optimus


The console versions of Portal 2 include both splitscreen and online play, but the PC version is limited to …

8. Portal 2 Co-Op: Are 2 Minds Better Than 1? | WIRED


As Portal 2 passes three weeks since its release, now is the time to look back on cooperative play and see how it has held up. As a GeekDad who does not yet …

9. Portal 2 just got a new update, and it improves local …


Portal 2 just got a new update, and it improves local cooperative play. By Shaun Prescott November 21, 2019. You can now play locally with one player on a …

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10. Does Portal 1 and 2 has Multiplayer??? :: Help and Tips


Just to toss a small tidbit here, the first Portal does in fact have multiplayer capability. Valve’s games use regular listen servers for single player …

11. Guide :: How to play Local Co-op with … – Steam Community


High five! Yes, there is an offline splitscreen co-op mode in the PC version of Portal 2. To play it, all you need is a couple controllers, go Play …

12. How do you reset saved multiplayer progress in Portal 2 …


Contrary to all the answers on here, it is in fact possible to reset your progress in co-op. Make sure you are the host (you invited your friend, rather than you were …


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