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1. UI Terminology: Logon vs Login – Stack Overflow

UI Terminology: Logon vs Login - Stack Overflow

2. How to Use Log in vs. log on Correctly – Grammarist

Log in vs. log on

The nouns are login, logout, logon, logoff, signin, signout, signon and signoff. You log/sign in to or on to a site, not into or onto, since you log out of or off from ( …

3. Why you use your ‘logon’ to ‘log on’ – Columbia Journalism …


By Merrill Perlman … Time to start work. So you “log on” to your computer, using your “logon” or “log-on,” or your user name. The latter is a noun, …

4. Log in or Log on – What’s the Difference? – Writing Explained

Log in or Log on – What’s the Difference?

Login vs. logon. Learn the difference between log on and log in with definitions and sentence exampled. To log on the computer or log in to the computer.

5. Monthly PC Tip: Know the Difference Between Login and Log In


Important: “Logon” can be used synonymously with “login,” and “log on” can be used synonymously with “log in.” However, “login” and “log in” are the more …

6. What is the difference between “login” and “logon” ? “login” vs …


logon is for systems which are locked eg. your phone,computer etc.


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