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1. What does “J” mean in e-mail messages? – PC.net


What does "J" mean in e-mail messages? - PC.net

2. If a sentence in an email ends in ‘J,’ it’s OK – USA Today


That typeface is basically a Windows-only proposition. So if you get an Outlook-sent message with an attempted smiley on a Mac or another non- …

3. What does a single letter “J” mean in emailing? – English …


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4. Mystery of the Email J Finally Solved :: Chris Jean

Mystery of the Email J Finally Solved

For years, I’ve received emails that have capital ‘J’s thrown in at the end of … Now I know what that strange J means. … As if you wouldn’t use UTF8 for emails.

5. What do people mean when they put a J at the end of a …


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6. Why do I see letter J at the end of most of my emails? First I …


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7. Why do some Email Messages have the Letter ‘J’ in them …


It turns out that the email was composed and send from Microsoft Outlook. In Outlook, if you add a smiley figure – something like 🙂 or 🙂 – to your …

8. What does “J” mean in e-mail messages? – ActiveRain


I don’t think I have ever noticed it before. Of course, I now will know what it means if I see it in the future! Jul 15, 2014 09:07 PM.

9. What does “J” mean in an email??? – DC Urban Moms and Dads


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10. Why Does the Letter ‘J’ Keep Appearing in My E-Mail …


Today’s Hassle-Free PC column is brought to you by the letter J, which mysteriously pops up in some e-mail. Here’s why.

11. Why do people write “J” on emails? — Digital Spy


21 authors

12. What does J mean? – Jaanus


These emails are sent from Outlook 2003 which says it’s using Word as … the semantics of the J, which, if we run ahead, means the smiley face …


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