Hepatic Portal Circulation

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1. 18.7H: Hepatic Portal Circulation – Medicine LibreTexts


18.7H: Hepatic Portal Circulation - Medicine LibreTexts

The hepatic portal system is the system of veins comprising the hepatic portal vein and its tributaries. · The liver consumes about 20% of total body …

2. Hepatic Portal System – an overview | ScienceDirect Topics


The hepatic portal system · The gastric vein accompanies the gastric artery onto the dorsal and ventral surfaces of the stomach. Follow the lienomesenteric vein as …

3. Hepatic portal system – Wikipedia


In human anatomy, the hepatic portal system is the system of veins comprising the hepatic portal vein and its tributaries. It is also called the portal venous …

4. Portal vein – Wikipedia


vena portae hepatis

5. Liver, Gallbladder & Heptic Portal System Diagram | Body Maps


The hepatic portal system consists of: Hepatic portal vein: This is the main vein connected to the liver. It forms at the connection of the inferior and superior …

6. Hepatic portal vein: Anatomy, function, clinical points | Kenhub


‘Hepatic’ means of or relating to the liver, therefore the hepatic portal vein is a blood vessel that sends nutrient-rich blood from the gastrointestinal tract and spleen …

7. Hepatic portal system | anatomy | Britannica


In the second system, the hepatic portal circulation, capillaries originating in the gastrointestinal tract and the spleen merge to form the portal vein, which enters …

8. What is a portal system? What is the purpose of the hepatic …


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Portal system can be defined as a part of the systemic circulation, in which blood draining from the capillary bed of one structure flows through …

9. Anatomy


The Portal Circulation. portal circulation animation (74k). The liver is unusual in that it has a double blood supply; the right and left hepatic arteries carry …

10. Venous Drainage of the Abdomen – TeachMeAnatomy


Fig 2 – The hepatic portal venous system. Superior Mesenteric Vein. The superior mesenteric vein drains blood from the small intestine, cecum, ascending colon …

11. The Liver | Boundless Anatomy and Physiology

The Liver

The hepatic portal vein supplies 75% of the blood to the liver, while the hepatic arteries supply the remaining 25%. · Approximately half of the liver’s oxygen …

12. Portal Hypertension – Johns Hopkins Medicine


hepatic veins (exit into the systemic circulation) or from an increase in blood flow in the system. Substantial … portal vein, and hepatic resistance to outflow.


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