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1. Valorous Mail – BG FFXI Wiki

Valorous Mail - BG FFXI Wiki
Description: DEF:146 HP+61 STR+29 DEX+25 VIT+29 AGI+20 INT+20 MND+20 CHR+20 Accuracy+20 Evasion+44 Magic Evasion+59 “Magic …

2. Valorous Attire Set – BG FFXI Wiki


Valorous Mail · DEF:146 HP+61 STR+29 DEX+25 VIT+29 AGI+20 INT+20 MND+20 CHR+20. Accuracy+20 Evasion+44 Magic Evasion+59 …

3. Valorous Mail | FFXIclopedia | Fandom


Augmentable with Oseem in Norg using Taupe Stones, Fern Stones, Pellucid Stones or chunks of…

4. Valorous Mail – FFXIAH.com


FFXI Auction House Online. … Valorous Mail Ex. [Body] All Races DEF:146 HP+61 STR+29 DEX+25 VIT+29 AGI+20 INT+20 MND+20 CHR+20 Accuracy+20 …

5. Domain points – Valorous set : ffxi – Reddit

Domain points – Valorous set from ffxi

More results from www.reddit.com

6. Valorous Mail – Gamer Escape: Gaming News, Reviews …


Valorous mail, Exclusive. [Body] All Races DEF: 146 HP +61 STR +29 DEX +25 VIT +29. AGI +20 INT +20 MND +20 CHR +20. Accuracy +20. Evasion +44 …

7. Reisenjima Augments Thread! – Order of the Blue Gartr


Join Date: Oct 2010; Posts: 948; BG Level: 5; FFXI Server: Valefor … Valorous Mask (Melee Path) Pellucid … Valorous Mask (Familiar Path)

8. The Parthenon: A Warrior’s Kyklos – Final Fantasy XIV …


11 authors

9. FFXIAddons/Sammeh_SAM.lua at master · SammehFFXI …


FFXIAddons/GearSwap/Sammeh_SAM.lua. Go to file … –body={ name=”Valorous Mail”, augments={‘Accuracy+20 Attack+20′,’”Store TP”+7′,’Attack+9’,}},.

10. Ffxi valorous hose – FinancialDish


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Valorous Mail (Pet: Vit +10, Acc +21, Rng Acc +21, Atk +12, Double Atk +2%) Valorous Mail (Acc +29, Store TP +5) Herculean Vest (Vit +9, Acc …

11. Nomad Mog Bonanza – FINAL FANTASY XI Official Web Site


Genmei Kabuto, – Uac Jerkin. – Shango Robe. – Abnoba Kaftan. – Odyssean Chestplate. – Valorous Mail. – Herculean Vest. – Merlinic Jubbah. – Chironic Doublet.

12. *Pending Sale* Elvaan Male 19 Mastered Job 16 REMA 110 …


Valorous Mail augments={‘Attack+25′,’”Triple Atk.”+3′,’Accuracy+18 Attack+18’,}}, Valorous Mask augments={‘Accuracy+23 Attack+23’,’Weapon …


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