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1. Portal 1 Co-Op [Portal] [Tutorials] – GameBanana,multiplayer%20rather%20clunky%20and%20malfunctioning.

Portal 1 Co-Op [Portal] [Tutorials] - GameBanana

2. Does Portal 1 and 2 has Multiplayer??? :: Help and Tips

Just to toss a small tidbit here, the first Portal does in fact have multiplayer capability. Valve’s games use regular listen servers for single player …

3. PORTAL 1 CO-OP MOD? : Portal – Reddit

PORTAL 1 CO-OP MOD? from Portal

More results from

4. Hub – Portal Wiki

The Hub is a section of Aperture Science that is featured exclusively … This will happen even if one of the players has not completed co-op …

5. Portal Bundle on Steam

Listed languages may not be available for all games in the package. View the individual games for more details. Single-player · Online Co-op.

6. Struggling Is the Best Local Co-Op Game Since Portal 2 | CBR

Struggling Is the Best Local Co-Op Game Since Portal 2 … any local co-op games release in a year, let alone one that can stand … is nothing new to the co-op game, but every action in Struggling has to be a combined effort.

7. Portal 2 Co-Op: Are 2 Minds Better Than 1? | WIRED

As Portal 2 passes three weeks since its release, now is the time to look back on cooperative play and see how it has held up. As a GeekDad who does not yet …

8. Portal 2 – Wikipedia

Mode(s), Single-player, multiplayer. Portal 2 is a puzzle-platform game developed by Valve. It was released in April 2011 for … Each player’s portals are of a different color scheme, whereof one is blue and … The robots are reactivated by GLaDOS one week after the original co-op campaign, during which GLaDOS has …

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9. Portal 2 (Xbox 360) Co-Op Information – Co-Optimus

Portal 2 will have a co-op campaign. … Did You Know? 1. The Lavender Town Syndrome was a rumor that playing Pokémon’s Lavender Town level was making …

10. Portal 2 Co-op with a single Steam account? – Arqade

I picked up Portal 2 and wanted to try co-op with my son. We have two computers, but just one Steam account. Usually this is fine since I just leave the family …

11. Is it better to play Portal 2 solo or multiplayer first? – Quora

1. Chronologically, the co-op campaign takes place after the single player. However … I have played Portal 1 & 2, where do I start with Half-Life? 2,630 Views.

12. Review – Portal 2 Co-Op Review – Co-Optimus

GlaDOS has assembled a series of tests to prepare them for a mission to “save the … A big favorite in the co-op mode are the puzzles where one player must navigate … The co-op campaign is slightly shorter than the single-player component, …


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