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1. Cat Deeley discusses how husband Patrick Kielty … – Daily Mail


Cat Deeley discusses how husband Patrick Kielty ... - Daily Mail

‘He knocked my socks off’: Cat Deeley shares the sweet story of how husband Patrick Kielty turned their friendship to romance by flying all the …

2. Cute cat video: Adorable footage shows a kitten … – Daily Mail


‘SO cute’: Short-legged kitten Diu Diu sends the internet into a frenzy with his adorable running style. By Billie Thomson For Mailonline 12:04 EST …

3. Comical cats have no regard for personal space | Daily Mail …


In a comical online gallery compiled by BoredPanda, pet owners from around the world shared the funniest times their cat has invaded their …

4. Pet cat quietly stays inside his student owner’s … – Daily Mail


Viral footage filmed in China shows the one-year-old Munchkin cat, a breed known for its short legs, quietly lying inside the desk and looking …

5. People share VERY unflattering cat photos | Daily Mail Online


People from across the globe have shared the most unflattering photos they have ever taken of their cats in an amusing Twitter thread.

6. People shared snaps of their cats misbehaving in … – Daily Mail


Feline naughty! Mischievous cats are captured on their very WORST behaviour in hilarious snaps – including a moggy who emptied the kitchen …

7. Cat who was thrown out by former owners … – Daily Mail


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Sansa, a six-year-old cat from New York City, was born with two different eye colors – blue and green – and extra toes due to a rare condition.

8. Inventors of new app claim it can translate what … – Daily Mail


The creators of the new app MeowTalk claim it is able to translate a cat’s miaows and purrs into English and identify 13 meanings, including …

9. Hilarious pictures show what happens when cats … – Daily Mail


FEMAIL takes a look at the cats who win the crown for being drama queens. Feline grumpy? Cat owners have shared the best pictures of their …

10. Owners share hilarious snaps of their cats in … – Daily Mail


Help, I think my cat is broken! Owners share hilarious snaps of their felines in VERY awkward positions. By Harry Howard For Mailonline 03:37 …

11. The real-life Tom and Jerry: Mouse runs up to a … – Daily Mail


At the start of the footage, the black cat is seen chasing behind the mouse which was scurrying around the street. But the feline appeared to have …

12. Cat Deeley says LA shooting prompted family’s … – Daily Mail


Cat Deeley admits ‘terrifying’ LA shooting involving her husband and son was the ‘catalyst’ for the family’s move back to the UK. By Natasha …


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